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We will teach you to code until you get hired and are able to code anything!

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Choose the package that best suits your availability.

We will help you learn the most sought after languages and technologies: Javascript, Python, Java, C#, React, Angular, Django, Spring Boot, .NET and others.

We will decide together what would be best for you and guide you from any level that you're currently at until you achieve your goals.


60 / mo
  • Access to our generic learning plan and resources
  • Ask and receive answers through text
  • Personalized learning plan and resources
  • One on one video calls
  • Participate in team projects
  • Full job hunt assistance


300 / mo
  • Personalized learning plan and resources
  • Ask and receive answers through text
  • Up to 2 hours / week of one on one video calls
  • Calls between 15 and 60 mins
  • Participate in team projects
  • Job hunt assistance
Best value


510 / mo
  • Personalized learning plan and resources
  • Ask and receive answers through text
  • Up to 4 hours / week of one on one video calls
  • Calls between 15 and 90 mins
  • Participate in team projects
  • Job hunt assistance


710 / mo
  • Personalized learning plan and resources
  • Ask and receive answers through text
  • Up to 6 hours / week of one on one video calls
  • Calls between 15 and 120 mins
  • Participate in team projects
  • Priority job hunt assistance

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Latest Testimonials

What they are saying about us

For me Evobyte really shone by allowing me to use what I learned, build on it, and then channel it to real-world, tangible projects. I'm very grateful for the experience and I highly recommend this program!



I had both Vlad and Alex as mentors and I recommend them with confidence. I appreciate that we set our Objectives from the beginning and then the courses were very OOP: first O coming both from 'Object' and 'Objectives'.



This internship was way above my expectations. This period was crucial in my chosen career because I acquired a lot of skills. Our trainers were quite helpful and dedicated so it is safe to say that they were outstanding teachers.



I chose this program as a result of my decision to make a professional reconversion. Here I found dedicated and benevolent mentors who helped me learn new things and put into practice what I have learned so far.



This is an excellent program for young people who want to learn how to code and get their first dev job. The mentors are always understanding and helpful, you learn to work in a team and practice industry-standard workflows. I highly recommend the program!



The Evobyte program is perfect for your first steps in IT. Vlad found the perfect balance between theory and practice and he was always there to answer our questions. We also had the opportunity to work in teams on a more complex project.



For me, joining the Evobyte program was a decisive step for a career in IT. I recommend this program because of the mentors and colleagues that will teach you essential and practical skills. I am grateful for the continuous support I received.



It was an astonishing experience. I greatly appreciate the freedom in programming style and ideas you can bring to a project, you will always feel useful and productive.                                                                                                                                       



Why Evobyte? It's a lot like online college, but a lot better and less expensive.

Professional and affordable Online Coding Courses

We offer training tailored to your needs. Whether you are seeking a career change or are just looking to learn more about coding, we can help.

During the free consultation call we will discuss your objectives and suggest a roadmap for achieving your goals.

You set your own pace: we are available each month for live calls for the number of hours you buy. You stay with us for as long as you need.

No hidden fees or smallprint. What is written here is what you will pay and what you will get.

We want to get you hired and out of here as fast as possible. A favorable testimonial is a lot more valuable to us than someone paying a few extra months.

If you stick to the plan we set out for you, we promise that once you land your dream job it will pay for this training within about 2 months.

How does it work?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation call.

You tell us your goals.

Whether you want a better paying job, are just looking to broaden your horizons or want to do better in school, feel free to tell us.

Make sure you ask us anything else that you would like to know about our services.

We tell you how we can help.

We have worked with many people with various goals. Chances are we will be able to give you a quick overview of how we can help you achieve your goals.

If we are unable to help or unsure that we are able to help, we will be honest about it.

You get back to us when you decide, no pressure.

We won't ask you to buy anything during the call. Take your time, think things through and buy when you're ready.

We offer different packages based on how much time you have to invest in your training. Buy the package that best suits your availability.

Do you have a full time job?

If you work a full time job, we recommend dedicating at least 2 hours each day to your training.

Have a bit more time?

For people with more time, but who are still employed, we recommend dedicating at least 4 hours each day.

What exactly do you get from us?

We will be available for tutoring, live calls and chats for the number of hours that you buy. Outside of this, we will also give you a list of free curated courses for you to follow and help you organize your learning resources and track your progress.

Programming cannot be learnt just by listening to a teacher, watching videos or reading a book. You learn to program by doing it. We will provide the best existing resources, answer questions, give advice and offer general guidance, but you will need to work on the assignments we give you if you are to succeed.

Make sure you are serious.

We like working with people who really want to learn.

If you're looking for a career change, know that it's really worth it: an entry level programmer makes an average of $50,000 a year in a big city. This can double with just a few years of experience. And it's a desk job.

Make the most out of the package you buy.

If we are available for 4 hours a week, use those 4 hours to the max.

If you're unsure how much help you need, start with the smallest package first.

Ask anything. We are here to help.

The only stupid question is the one that you don't ask and never learn the answer to.

About us

The team



I started learning to code over 20 years ago when I was around 11, to make changes to various applications and games. I know how frustrating it can be to not find answers to your questions anywhere and to not be able to tell good resources from bad ones. This is why I decided to start Evobyte: to deliver quality courses that truly help people.

I have a PhD in Computer Science, two courses published on Udemy (here and here) and many well-received answers on StackOverflow. Most importantly however, I have a passion for programming and teaching that I hope I can also instill in my students.



Senior software engineer, internships coordinator and application developer, Alex has a strong background in software development and has worked on a wide range of projects, both commercial and non-profit, such as a local blood donation application he is the lead developer and cofounder of: BlooDoChallenge.

Alex makes sure that our support sessions are not just bits of academic trivia, but are also practical and useful for people who want to go on to start a career in software development, who want to be better programmers or who want to develop their own applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write to us if you have more questions.

Our mentors are people with both industry experience and school or university teaching experience.

They will provide you with tutorials and learning resources and answer any questions you have in text or during video calls.

We can certify that you have completed our program if you wish us to do so.

However, no one really cares about certifications in this field. If you get the job you want, that's the best certification.

And to get it, you need to prove that you have the necessary skills, not that you have a certificate.

We have tutors with practical and academic teaching experience in most of today's hot technologies.

You will likely be exposed to more than one tutor during your training.

Yes. Drop us an e-mail with your skillset, a bit about yourself and your experience (with what you want to teach and in teaching), a CV and we'll discuss further.

That depends on you. More specifically, on how much time you have to invest in your training and on how fast you pick up the necessary skills.

On average, most people we worked with between 20 and 40 years old needed around 300 hours of work before getting their first job.

If one such average person pays for 80 tutoring hours, that amounts to 5 months of the Determined package and under 2000 EUR.

After landing your first job, you will easily make those 2000 EUR back in about a couple of months.

While this is a rough estimate, the picture it paints remains: this is a field that you can get into with only a few months of hard work, a relatively small investment, and our guidance.

Our vision is that high quality education should be affordable to as many people as possible.

We belive that programming is a highly rewarding field, especially financially, with a low barrier of entry compared to others.

We also believe that you do not need an expensive 3 year university degree to work in this field. It can be done much faster and cheaper.

A computer science degree will teach many things that are not needed for a great paying job in the field.

We have worked with people from all backgrounds: literature majors, engineering majors, college dropouts.

All of them have ended up with jobs on par with Compute Science graduates.

We simply offer a more direct path that only focuses on the essentials.

Feel free to ask for a refund during the first week.

After the first week, we will not be able to offer a refund, since you will have had access to many public conversations with our clients and many of our public announcements and question answering.

We will discuss it on a case by case basis, so please contact us if you can do that.

Yes. In fact, we would like all of our interactions to be public, because you will also have to work a lot with people in this field.

But don't worry, we can also do private chats and calls if you want.